Growth and Expansion

  • 2015

    LabX Media Group acquires Biotech Connect, a Canadian-based company delivering live vendor shows to major research institutions across Canada. The company is later re-branded The Scientist Expo and will extend its vendor show schedule into the United States.

  • 2015

    LabX Media Group establishes a Creative Services team which offers inspiring video production capabilities for our advertisers, and extends the delivery our award winning editorial content across new media channels and platforms.

  • 2015

    LabX Media Group acquired the Science Fact Facebook page. The page was rebranded The Science Explorer and a new website is launch – TheScienceExplorer.com

  • 2014

    After successfully developing and growing the Facebook page – Neuroscience Research Techniques, the page is rebranded Neuroscientist News and a new website – NeuroScientistNews.com is launched.

  • 2012

    LabX Media Group makes an investment in developing the social media strategy by investing in IFLScience and launches a series of niche Facebook pages that attract a targeted audience of lab professionals.

    Current list of Facebook pages

  • 2012

    The company begins officially operating as LabX Media Group.

  • 2011

    LabX acquires The Scientist. The acquisition of this 25+ year science publishing brand propelled LabX into life science research media. The Scientist added significant depth to the quality of editorial and high-level audience to suit the business.

  • 2008

    LabX acquires Lab Manager Magazine. The acquisition of Lab Manager turned the digital-only LabX business into a respected publishing organization and expanded audience awareness with print magazines, editorial-based newsletters, and online webinars.

  • 2008

    A new website delivering laboratory equipment forums and lab product discussions is launched by LabX, called LabWrench.

Our History

  • 1999

    LabX.com is sold to VerticalNet, Inc. in Horsham, PA and later re-acquired and re-located to Midland, Ontario, Canada where the corporate headquarters currently reside.

  • 1995

    Bob Kafato launches the first online marketplace for laboratory products. The lab equipment classified and auction system is soon branded as LabX.com.