LabX.com is the largest online scientific equipment buying and selling marketplace. We provide a number of options to promote your company’s products and services to the most targeted scientific audience.


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                  Online since 1995, LabX is a pioneering digital marketplace targeting a niche audience of business-to-business buying professionals. LabX has offered a robust platform serving the analytical chemistryclinical laboratory and life science markets, and also related industries including: industrial processing (pharmaceuticalfood and beverage, and packaging),  healthcare and medical equipment,  test and semiconductor equipment. LabX continues to be a leading website in each of these industries enabling buyers and sellers to connect.

                  LabWrench: Lab Equipment Information and Discussions

                  Part of the LabX portfolio of websites… LabWrench is a product-focused social network where lab professionals, manufacturers, and industry experts can ask questions, share ideas, and gather relevant information on laboratory products.

                  LabWrench delivers an engaging and shareable experience to lab professionals to connect users with their peers. As a result, LabWrench empowers advertisers to open communication lines and encourage brand loyalty with their audience members around specific products.

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