Science can mistakenly be viewed as tame and uninteresting, which sadly turns off many people.  However, IFLScience believes it’s all in how the article is written, it’s presentation and overall quality of the content.  We know more people will embrace and marvel at science on an ongoing basis, if it’s written and presented in the way they wish to learn …

• Visuals that excite and stimulate curiosity.

• A format that communicates briskly, in easily understood terms.

• Contents that not only educate, but often entertain and delight at the same time.

• And an approach that inspires visitors to dig deeper, to learn even more.


Since its launch in 2012, IFLScience has evolved into the global go-to-site for engaging and thought-provoking science content on the Internet.  Reaching over 10 million monthly global visitors through its website and 60 million globally through social media.


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                IFLScience is focused on publishing articles with the intention of growing a community of individuals who are exploring a better understanding of the changes taking place on planet earth and in the universe and how these events are shaping our lives.

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