Creative Services

LabX Media Group gives you access to an unparalleled network of educated, scientific specialists who can work with you to create custom content that informs, educates, and engages. Work with our dedicated Creative Services team to develop a marketing strategy to drive leads with custom technical articles, videos, infographics, posters, white papers, application notes, and more. 

Advertorial Spreads

Striking the right balance between content and an underlying commercial message is a matter of experience. At LabX Media Group, we know the nuances of voice and design that encourage readership and credibility. Our teams include scientists, journalists, editors, and art directors with the ability to impart a relevant personality to the advertorial. We can also assist in locating partners to participate in advertising supplements and, through our media buying services, negotiate ad purchases.



From scripting to producing to editing, count on us to expertly guide you through the production process to help create high quality, professional-looking, easy-to-share video content that is informative, engaging and entertaining.


Drawing on our core publishing business, LabX Media Group has the resources and expertise to produce newsletters in any format, at any frequency based on your needs and budget. Additional options, such as the ability to simultaneously publish both print and online versions, allow you a full spectrum of orchestrated contact points. We also provide important feedback, metrics and analysis to ensure that you have the best framework for delivering topical information and news in a user-friendly format.

Microsites/Landing Pages

LabX Media Group can develop sites and landing pages with end-to-end service, or provide a customer-operated interface so that your own staff can make entries and post updates. Each microsite or landing page is search-engine optimized; our teams can track usage and analyze your site’s metrics. Our web developers can also supply you with custom content and videos, media players, user-generated content and Twitter feed.


Whether for educational or promotional purposes, LabX Media Group can help you create podcasts, produce them professionally, and make them available to the world.

Custom Content and Publications

LabX Media Group Creative Services will help produce high-quality, engaging technical articles, white papers, application notes, eBooks, infographics, and posters to strengthen and grow engagement with customers. Expand the reach of your proprietary- or custom-developed content by leveraging our targeted audience.

Live and Virtual Events

From venues to speakers to staffing to proven technology platforms for virtual events, we have the depth of capabilities and experience to help you create high-impact events, live and online, that deliver high value to your customers/prospects and deliver against your thought leadership objectives.


From advising on the best software platforms to optimizing production processes, LabX Media Group can help you create winning webinars that educate and generate demand. Prior to your webinar, we can assist with publicity, interactive marketing, and picking your moderator or speakers. After the event, we can poll or survey the attendees, and also can help you with making the recorded event available to your chosen audience.

Social-Media Engagement

LabX Media Group will analyze your own and your competitors presence in social media, and which networks/channels make the most sense for your audience. Build buzz, dialog and live connection, within your organization and with the outside world, through social interaction. Create and sustain a social-media presence in Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. LabX Media Group can take you social or widen and enliven your social engagement, providing the platforms, original content, and metrics/measurability tools to track your results in real-time.