Lead Generation

Grow your pipeline with highly qualified leads through content-driven, multi-platform, integrated campaigns.

Tap into LabX Media Group’s rich database of laboratory professionals’ innovators, influencers and key decision makers and unmatched expertise in marketing to this unique audience, LabX Media Group Marketing Solutions brings to bear the deep, rich resources required to develop multi-platform demand generation campaigns that deliver highly qualified leads and high marketing return on investment.

Email/Direct Mail Marketing

Using best practices and opt-in methods, LabX Media Group can create direct mail and email campaigns that drive demand at all points in the sales funnel.  In addition, we work with you in formulating offers and incentives that lead to further customer engagement. You will have multiple levels of contact based upon customer preferences, and you’ll be able to measure what kind of messages your audience responds to best.

    Content Management

    Content is the lifeblood of successful lead generation programs – tailoring content to different audiences and states of the buying cycle creates a significantly more engaged prospect that is more likely to become a buyer. LabX Media Group Marketing Solutions can help you curate your own content, enlist subject matter experts to create new content, contribute LabX Media Group content and help you align all of this content with the buyer journey to maximize the impact of your lead generation efforts at every stage of the sales funnel.

      Database Marketing

      LabX Media Group Marketing Solutions can help you take advantage of a rich source of laboratory professionals to drive your lead generation efforts with services ranging from data licensing to market segmentation and customer profiling to custom research and much more.

        SEO/SEM/Conversion Architecture

        LabX Media Group stays on top of the techniques which tend to be used as part of an overall strategy involving best practices in website design, describing your services correctly, making sure that copy contains the keywords that customers use, and linking your web postings to other sites, relevant blogs, and the leading forms of social media.

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