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The Strength of Lab Manager’s Audience

It’s about quality over quantity. Recognizing the unique role of the lab manager in the success of any lab, at Lab Manager we endeavor to provide content that is tailored to the needs of today’s laboratory management professional. Focusing on a single, valuable demographic, Lab Manager has positioned itself as a respected and trusted resource.

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    of Lab Manager's audience consists of lab management professionals

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    increase in website traffic continues to see unprecedented year-over-year growth

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    The readers of Lab Manager are highly involved in the evaluation and purchasing process within their organizations. A total of 94% of readers are the primary decision-makers or involved in the purchasing of laboratory products.

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  • Industries: Lab Manager’s online industry pages, newsletters, and Industry Insider webinar series provide the latest news, applications, and technologies for laboratory management professionals catering to their specific industry.
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"If I had more time, I would read the hard copy of Lab Manager from cover to cover every month -- I think it is great.I also read articles on the digital version, but I print off many that truly pique my interest. Also, if I had more time, I would watch/attend many more of your webinars as I also think the ones I have attended were great."

Linda A., Director (Clinical Lab), Oklahoma City, OK