LabX Media Group, Inc. parent company to LabX.comLab Manager and The Scientist, announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of 1DegreeBio Inc, the leading antibody and reagent search engine for the life sciences.

LabX Media Group is proud to announce the addition of 1DegreeBio to their portfolio of established brands. 1DegreeBio’s mission is to connect scientific researchers with the best reagents and antibodies available today.  The website includes an extensive database of life science reagents and kits including quality validation data, citation history, as well as antibody reviews and community ratings.

1DegreeBio will gain exposure via the LabX Media Group network of media properties, and also over 5.5 Million followers on their niche subject matter Facebook pages and social media communities.  LMG will cross-link and promote the new site to leverage strong relationships with readers, members and vendor partners.  Strategies designed by LMG’s experienced antibody marketing managers will position 1DegreeBio with fresh insights to maximize the breadth and offerings of the platform.

“The purchase of 1DegreeBio continues to show our active engagement in making acquisitions to complement our strong organic growth.,” says Bob Kafato, president of LMG. “1DegreeBio had a significant investment in technology and we intend to continue the momentum started by founder Alex Hodgson.  That technology is complemented by our ‘Buy Now’ eCommerce capabilities of LabX which will eventually enable scientists to purchase reagents directly from vendors thru the system.”

LMG intends to invest heavily in their core brands for 2016-2017 and will continue to look for strategic acquisitions that can accelerate growth and complement their portfolio of products and services.