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Today’s clinical lab managers’ needs are changing so rapidly, it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest information in the field. Today's Clinical Lab aims to fill that need with its in-depth and timely editorial content and resources, which include clinical industry news and insights into the latest trends, tools, and techniques in the clinical lab.

Meet the typical Today's Clinical Lab audience member, aka DANIEL

DECISION-MAKER: Over 90 percent of our audience is involved in the decision-making process.

ACCOUNTABLE: Laboratory leaders need to be accountable for the decisions they make.

NEGOTIATOR: leaders are constantly negotiating, both internally and externally.

INFORMED: Laboratory leaders are always looking to be informed about growing trends in products and services.

EFFICIENT: Laboratory leaders need to streamline their laboratories to become more economical and productive.

LEADER: Today's Clinical Lab gives its audience the tools to become better leaders within the clinical laboratory.

More on our audience

  • 500%

    Since our launch in 2018, our audience has grown 500%

  • 90%

    Of our audience is involved in purchasing decisions

  • 74%

    Of our audience is located in North America

  • 25%

    Is our average newsletter open rate

Today's Clinical Lab also has a print edition

Today's Clinical Lab's print issues feature original articles on clinically focused themes.

  • Reach thousands of highly-targeted decision makers through customized editorial content
  • Issues are produced five times per year and delivered to our engaged subscribers in the clinical industry.
  • Ad oppourtunities available to brand your story